South Korea


MARCH 2017

Originally South Korea was never really on our agenda of places to visit, more because we were under the assumption that it was expensive to travel. It was only until we had planned to cycle through Japan that we considered a flying visit due to its close proximity. Randomly we researched about cycling in South Korea and found out about the brilliant cycle path that ran directly through the country from top to bottom. This was an awesome opportunity for us to get some cycling practise in before reaching Japan as we had both never really cycled much in our adult life!   

South Korea has sometimes been referred to as a ‘copy cat’ of Japan and has a reputation of being expensive to travel.  This wasn’t the case for us as we spent 7 weeks exploring this fantastically developed country by bicycle on a very minimal budget. Unfortunately, South Korea is stigmatized by North Korea yet they seem to have very little in common and in the opinion of locals they just want their big brother back! One of the main benefits arriving during the peak of spring was having the great pleasure of seeing the beautiful blossom trees in full bloom, which for some reason we hadn’t expected as we had always associated them with Japan!  

Our initial plan was to spend around 2-3 weeks in South Korea cycling from Seoul to Busan following the 4 rivers cycle path. This extended into a 7 week trip as we were captivated by one of the most kind and generous people we have been fortunate to meet whilst travelling. We found our time in Korea to be extremely welcoming and like many other countries across the world people’s hospitality made our time spent very special. 

Having flown to Seoul we thought this would certainly be the place to buy second hand bicycles. We managed to
The cycle route itself took us 11 days at a relaxed pace covering on average 60km per day. We soon realised how
One particular moment changed the course of our entire trip in Korea and that was down to meeting one tremendously kind and
We spent almost a week in Busan waiting for our sore muscles to heal before taking the ferry over to Fukuoka. There were several sights