JUNE 2016

India has been the most fascinating yet chaotic country we have been fortunate to travel. It has a fortune worth of hidden treasures around each corner with the stench and filth to accompany it. Looking back on our time in Sri Lanka I can defiantly see similarities between the two countries, yet the best way to describe the difference between both is that India is like the big brother on steroids! Traveling from the south through the peaceful back waters of Kerala to the mountainous beauty of the Himalayas; India is rich with culture and has so much to offer but demands just as much in return. It has been a constant roller coaster over nearly five months, which has taught us a great deal that we will never forget. By allowing ourselves to be consumed by its day to day madness and its relentless demands we managed to embrace its quirks and respect its values. It truly is a place that tests your morals and forces you to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. India takes time to adjust to its customs so the best way to enjoy its delights is to give it the time it deserves! Sab Kuch Milega – Everything is possible.

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