Where a Line Meets the Ocean

India is the most fascinating yet chaotic place we have ever been fortunate to travel. It has a fortunes worth
Alappuzha is in the heart of Kerala’s back waters with many boat trips to choose from. The overnight stays tend
Maduari Madurai has to be one of our favorite small cities in India. It is most famous for its Meenakshi
Mysore When we arrived in Mysore the city was preparing for the royal wedding of the Prince which would be
Lotus Temple The lotus temple is a great temple to visit as it welcomes all religions. It doesn’t take influence
Manali couldn’t have presented its charm to us at a better time! After five days in Delhi we were ready
We caught a cheap flight from Leh to Amritsar with a short stop in Srinagar. We would have loved to
Our journey through Rajasthan began in Jaipur ‘The Pink City’ which was manic with lots of monkeys. We found a
Pushkar was a very relax town with a picturesque lake and lush green mountains. We spent a long time relaxing
Jaisalmer was the highlight of our time spent in Rajasthan. We found a fantastic hotel with a beautiful view of
Morbid curiosity bought us to Bikaner to experience the Karni Mata (rat temple). We had researched a little about the
We stayed at Big Brother Hostel in Agra which was only a short walk from the Taj Mahal as we
When arriving at Lucknow station we were immediately stopped by an officer and asked to register as tourists. We had
Varinasi We were welcomed to Varanasi with a strong stench and buckets full of holy water from the river Ganges