When a Line Meets the Ocean


We stayed at Big Brother Hostel in Agra which was only a short walk from the Taj Mahal as we wanted to catch the sunrise. It was surprising how quiet it was as we had expected large queues but instead it was very straight forward with a mini security to walk through. We didn’t take a guide as we had seen documentaries about the construction and history of the monument. It was very peaceful to walk around early in the morning as there wasn’t many tourists. The only orderly line we saw was to sit on the bench that Princess Diana sat on, which wasn’t too important for us as there are other benches to sit on. You can really appreciate the sheer amount of labor and artistry that went into this masterpiece. The entire structure is aesthetically beautiful, yet in recent years there has been an infestation of tiny bugs that excrement have started to erode and discolor the white marble!