When a Line Meets the Ocean

Horton Plains

Ohiya is one of the closest places to stay when visiting the Horton Plains. There was very little there apart from the train station and surrounding forest land. We stayed in a very nice wooden cabana owned by a shop keeper opposite the station who charged ₹3,000 for the room and all food included for both of us. He was extremely helpful with arranging our visit to the Plains in order to see its most popular attraction - World’s End. The sheer cliff is roughly 1,200m drop with the most beautiful vantage point over the surrounding Nuwara Eliya district. To capture this spectacular view, it was important to get there early when the park opened at 6am for the best chance of visibility before the clouds pass through. We felt very lucky when arriving at the drop as not only was it beautifully clear and you could see all the way to the coastline but there was absolutely nobody else there!

The park entrance fee was ₹3,000 per person.