When a Line Meets the Ocean


Ellla is a lovely mountain town which has two popular hikes you can do. Ella Rock is an easy and straight forward hike but the path isn’t clearly mapped out. We had been forewarned to be cautious of anyone who may want to guide us up to the rock without our consent as they will charge you for just walking behind them. In our instance we happened to keep bumping into this local man and he kept pointing as if we were heading in the right direction. We later realised he had been directing us straight to his door step with him awaiting our arrival! As we were now somehow lost the farmer spoke no English at the time and gestured to us to follow him back to the main track. Once on the track we thanked him and tried to walk away but he was insistent on taking us up to the rock. We said no several times explaining we had no money for a guide yet he walked ahead of us anyway. This became a very awkward situation which in the end resulted in him miraculously speaking English asking us for money and telling us how he’d gave us a tour of the area. We were adamant not to pay him anything as we knew we had been scammed from the beginning. By this point we were luckily surrounded by other tourists and local police who told us not to worry and not to pay him especially as he was hurling abuse at us! Overall it was definitely worth the spectacular views but the experience was a little saddened by the relentless scamming that occurs. By all means if someone would like to hire a guide then they can do so by prearranging it through an official travel agent rather than being cornered into it. We were one of several groups of people that day unlucky enough to get tangled in a web!

Little Adams Peak

We decided to climb little Adams peak (1141m) in the afternoon as the weather was cooler with beautiful views. It’s a very simple walk following the path through tea plantations and a slow winding up hill to reach the peak. When arriving at the top it was serine as we were the only ones there, with a great view of Ella rock. We traversed a little further across some of the nearby hills to get a better view of the surrounding landscape and along the way befriended a cute dog who just wanted to investigate with us.