When a Line Meets the Ocean


We took a train to Kandy from Colombo which took eight hours instead of five due to the recent flooding. We stayed at a place called Backpack Lanka which cost ₹3,700 a night for a private room with an outdoor swimming pool! During our time in the city we visited the local botanical gardens which was extortionately priced at ₹1,000 in comparison to the local fee of ₹50. The garden itself is beautiful but the price inflation for tourists gets tiring after visiting a few attractions. To save money we explored the city’s markets and walked around the central lake.  

Sigiriya- Lion Rock

Sigiriya was the most expensive sight that we visited costing $30 per person. Regardless of the price, it is soon clear when clambering up the steps to admire the views it is worth every penny! At the top we were fortunate to have some time by ourselves before the crowds rolled in. It is a very unique place to visit with the enormous gateway carved in the form of a lion which is very impressive. An ancient king chose the rock to build his palace upon and you can still see remnants of the gardens and pools which once stood as a part of the city complex. Reaching Sigiriya was really easy by bus from Dambulla straight to the rock. The Last bus to leave from Sigariya was at 5:30pm so its good to bare that in mind if you’re not staying in the local area. We took the last bus to Trincomalee arriving late that evening.