When a Line Meets the Ocean

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful Island with a diverse landscape for all to explore. Its close proximity to mountains and beaches makes it an ideal place to travel easily by bus or train. People are extremely friendly and those who live by the coast have a very relaxed island mentality. Having originally planned to start our trip in India, I’m super glad we visited this little gem first as it eased us gently back in to the world of travelling before the madness of India!


When we first arrived in Colombo we were welcomed by street parades and decorations in preparation for Buddha's birthday! This was an awesome and unexpected surprise to kick start the beginning of our trip. For two days people enjoyed time off work and took part in celebrations leaving few places open to eat. There was free food provided during the evenings but as you can imagine streams of people hoarded the streets and queued for several hours in await of a wholesome meal. We eventually found one street restaurant that served a cold selection of dishes which weren’t the best considering they were meant to be eaten warm and fresh. This resulted badly in our poor western tummies not being able to cope! After the city calmed down and got back to normal we found it a reasonably easy city to navigate by foot with Galle face being a popular place to relax by the ocean. We spent longer than expected in the city waiting for our 6 month Indian visas which took approximately four days to be processed.