The cycle route itself took us 11 days at a relaxed pace covering on average 60km per day. We soon realised how amazing the route was and the quality of the maintenance of the cycle highway was impressive. We actually met an English guy who had cycled 29 countries with South Korea being at the top for its cycling infrastructure and culture of the sport. Pretty much the entire route was occupied by korean enthusiasts in their most high end gear and expensive bikes. We looked like a complete sham in comparison with our DIY bicycles plastered in blue tarpaulin. Everybody was very friendly and you could really sense this unity between cyclists regardless of ability. We saw very few foreigners until the latter part of the journey which was unexpected but nice because it didn’t feel touristic at all. Camping was fairly simple as we put our tent up almost anywhere and if there were people around we would just ask if it was okay and every time they said yes! This was one of the highlights of cycling this route as you felt safe to camp freely and not be bothered by anyone. On average there was a handful of moderate climbs throughout the route but mostly it was flat and followed the rivers, crossing multiple cool futuristic looking bridges!